A Warm Story For A Cold Day

There are so very few “real men & women”.   That goes for the lover, the friend, the sister, the brother.    To much is built off of lies in relationships.    It’s easier now to carry on a split parenting lifestyle then to be in the home of the exhausted husband and wife who hate the world because they are tired, and who feed lies of emotions to their partners instead of turning to their partner as their outlet, their safe house, their comfort of truth.

I was in a marriage filled with lies.  I didn’t even know who I was anymore, let alone who my husband was.   I was parenting alone and screaming for help……….  Except I didn’t care to scream loud enough to fix it. (My first marriage that is)   35yrs old and pissed off at the world because I was stuck.     Except I wasn’t.   I was a strong independent woman a “real” woman who carried a career for over 15yrs, who is a mother and a go getter.   I needed to take back my life and if that meant doing it alone with children then I was going to do it.  

The guilt……..  Oh boy!  The non-support of friends and family around shocked by sudden changes. However, it wasn’t sudden.  To the people in my life on the outside looking in it seemed sudden, but from the hot seat in the king size bed every night, it wasn’t sudden.   It was a ticking time bomb.   

God would never give us more then we can handle.   Happiness is a choice that we all have.  Eric came into my life exactly the day my marriage fell apart.   A real man.  One that adored and still adores every step I take.  

I turn to my partner/husband now. I still get butterflies in my stomach.   Every word, every story, every being of my character has been given to him in pure honesty.  I miss him when he’s working and I’m taking care of our home.  We want to be everywhere the other person is.  We spent the first entire year of our relationship apart building our transportation company.  Still though we held strong.  Only using the distance between us as motivation to get Eric back home to the kids and I.

It takes a real man to love another man’s children as if they are his own.  Eric has shown me that we live for ourselves nobody else.    Everyday he makes me smile as soon as I awake.  Below is a letter left ontop of the coffee pot two days ago.Im not writing this post to brag or carry on about how in love I am.  I write today to give my readers positive energy.  I want to share with you the smallest things in our lives can make a huge impact on our train of thought.   Just this simple read can give you the good feelings, make you smile, make you wanna do something to show your love to your family.     

I treasure every ounce of Eric, Emily and Noah.  I would never change the journey it took to get to this point.   Eric is an incredible father, husband, best friend, “real man”  any “real woman” can ask for.   


About Freakouts & Funnies

I am a stay at home mom and childcare provider. My daughter Emily is 3yrs old and my son Noah is 5yrs old. Everyday is a learning experience for me, and for them also. I have the best soon to be husband any woman can ask for in her life. Eric truly is my rock and support system during our journey through life's moments together. We believe in our home that God,Family, love & positive energy are the foundation to a healthy happy home. I started blogging to assist me in making a decision on homeschooling my children. I have yet to try it. But it's something I feel passionately about doing. Just a little goal of mine 😉. I had a career in the automobile industry as a Finance & Inusrance manager for 15 yrs. Having Emily and Noah changed my direction in life. Finally I ended my struggle I had inside of giving up my career and become a stay at home mom. Best decision I ever made 😍. I run a in home childcare operation for work now. Everyday something new happens and seeing children smile makes feel perfect about my decision. I get to watch my children grow also. Join us on our journey of #freakoutsandfunnies.
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