A Girl and Her Guinea Pig

Growing up in my home we always had hampsters .

And no matter what someone kicked the hell out of the round ball they ran mock 90 around the house in. Until eventually there were so many terds in the ball it sound like someone was shaking a maraca.. We also had a woodstove in the basement so the door going down the stairs was open a lot , many times they took a six flags ride down.   Sometimes we were lucky, my Mom & Dad would allow us to get two of the crazy corner pissing, wheel racing, tube running fur balls.   We even had babies 😳.   That ended our hampster craze.

Now today in my home my daughter has her Guinea Pig.   Meet Fiona!

She is about 2yrs old and the best pet any family could ask for.    She is truly Emily’s best friend.    Over a hour can go bye and she will play with her.     Sometimes doing strange things as you can see

Emily insists on sharing every toy with Fiona.    

    The smallest crinkle of a noise and Fiona will start whistling at you demanding hay.  She will run directly to the door greeting you and getting huge dog kisses from Gizmo🐶😘.  Yes they even love each other.    

I have found that putting children around animals that show love and communication like a Guinea Pig perfect pet match and truly provides a little pet therapy.   Fresh veggies everyday and a given responsibility to our toddler that she loves doing.   

Seeing Fiona sleep so relaxed in her cage while I’m walking around Emily’s room cleaning it proves to me that she is comfortable and feels safe.

Her singing will put a smile on anyone’s face.   And her attention craving personality draws you in.  

So maybe next time your wondering if a cat or a dog is good first pet for your little one you may want to consider why Guinea Pigs make great pets!


About Freakouts & Funnies

I am a stay at home mom and childcare provider. My daughter Emily is 3yrs old and my son Noah is 5yrs old. Everyday is a learning experience for me, and for them also. I have the best soon to be husband any woman can ask for in her life. Eric truly is my rock and support system during our journey through life's moments together. We believe in our home that God,Family, love & positive energy are the foundation to a healthy happy home. I started blogging to assist me in making a decision on homeschooling my children. I have yet to try it. But it's something I feel passionately about doing. Just a little goal of mine 😉. I had a career in the automobile industry as a Finance & Inusrance manager for 15 yrs. Having Emily and Noah changed my direction in life. Finally I ended my struggle I had inside of giving up my career and become a stay at home mom. Best decision I ever made 😍. I run a in home childcare operation for work now. Everyday something new happens and seeing children smile makes feel perfect about my decision. I get to watch my children grow also. Join us on our journey of #freakoutsandfunnies.
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