A Girl and Her Guinea Pig

Growing up in my home we always had hampsters .

And no matter what someone kicked the hell out of the round ball they ran mock 90 around the house in. Until eventually there were so many terds in the ball it sound like someone was shaking a maraca.. We also had a woodstove in the basement so the door going down the stairs was open a lot , many times they took a six flags ride down.   Sometimes we were lucky, my Mom & Dad would allow us to get two of the crazy corner pissing, wheel racing, tube running fur balls.   We even had babies 😳.   That ended our hampster craze.

Now today in my home my daughter has her Guinea Pig.   Meet Fiona!

She is about 2yrs old and the best pet any family could ask for.    She is truly Emily’s best friend.    Over a hour can go bye and she will play with her.     Sometimes doing strange things as you can see

Emily insists on sharing every toy with Fiona.    

    The smallest crinkle of a noise and Fiona will start whistling at you demanding hay.  She will run directly to the door greeting you and getting huge dog kisses from Gizmo🐶😘.  Yes they even love each other.    

I have found that putting children around animals that show love and communication like a Guinea Pig perfect pet match and truly provides a little pet therapy.   Fresh veggies everyday and a given responsibility to our toddler that she loves doing.   

Seeing Fiona sleep so relaxed in her cage while I’m walking around Emily’s room cleaning it proves to me that she is comfortable and feels safe.

Her singing will put a smile on anyone’s face.   And her attention craving personality draws you in.  

So maybe next time your wondering if a cat or a dog is good first pet for your little one you may want to consider why Guinea Pigs make great pets!

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My Craigslist Jackpot!

From free, to used, to new, to a date, to services, even a job  Craigslist is the place to go and see what you can find.   It takes time and it takes a couple creeper run ins to actually find what you may be looking for, or similar to.    For the last month and a half I’ve been on a search for used daycare items to help with the growth of our Family Home Daycare.    I ran into no response people after having contact with them, right up to stalkers searching me out on Facebook.     

Finally I came across a wonderful woman who was closing her daycare!   We spoke on the phone Friday night for over an hour.  I advised her of my wants and needs of things to buy.   I had to sit on Saturday while she had a walk through trusting her that the things I claimed to buy would not be sold.   She lived well over an hour from our house.   Eric just so happened to be working close to her on Saturday.  I also informed her that I had a $100 budget.   I put trust in this stranger to pack together items worth all my money.   

This is my pile before we picked it up and got it home to look through.

I was like a kid at Christmas receiveing this pic!    But that wasn’t the half of what she put in there.   Here you go a few peeks of my Craigslist jackpot.☺️

We started unloading into our Daycare above.    She donated book from her daycare to us.

The craft supplies were endless.   And the amount of educational homeschool books provided to us was incrediable! 

She gave me Tons of plates and cups, and bibs, and silverware.    And donated all the extra clothes.   

I also received a 15 slot organizer for all the NYS daycare certification paperwork she handed off to me.      I was more then happy with my purchase and the trust I put in her.   There are true people out there and ones willing to help you succeed.   All of this and knowledge she gave regarding getting my certification was a blessing.     

The cost alone for childcare for a parent is tough..   My job brings so many rewards to be able to watch children grow and teach them to learn  all the while providing a safe clean environment for them to spend their days while their parents work.  

I truly hope this all comes into play this year. Childcare tax credit.

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Hibernation Day

I decided to make a lessen for the day on Hibernation.   The day went so well with all my daycare kids.   I was able to spread out the different activies throughout the day, making it a all day learning experience.     

We started our morning off with making a list of animals we knew hibernated.    The Bear or course was the most popular.  Turning their pretend play into them all being little bear cubs 🐻.    So we built a giant blanket fort, aka bear cave. 

We cuddled around inside the fort for story time.   I got together a few books that went along with our imaginations.    I choose these three.  

Brown Bear, Bear Brown, What Do You See?  Is a wonderful book allowing toddlers to read themselves.   They are able to practice their colors along with creating a great self esteem because they are actually reading!  Wake Me In The Spring is a oldie but a goodie, it’s a story about s bear and a mouse friendship.  Mouse not wanting bear to hibernation and miss all the winter fun.  And Hungry Harry I choose because we learned that frogs hibernate, so discussing and reading about hungry Harry trying to find his dinner leads to good disussions about how hungry the animals are when they awake from their slumber.

After a good nap they were ready to build their own bear caves.  I collected some materials laying around readily available.  

  1. Sticks
  2. Top of a pizza box cut in half
  3. Leaves
  4. Play dough
  5. Toothpicks
  6. Brown paper bags
  7. Water & baking soda mixer
  8. Glue sticks 

We taped our bags to the cardboard.  I allowed the kids to put glue wherever they wanted to glue down the leaves and sticks.   We rolled three play dough balls.  And placed them on a toothpick creating a pretend bear for the inside of the caves.   The kids had a blast discussing the different sizes for the head, body, and tail.   To finish it off they pour and painted baking soda and water mixer all over their creations.  Making the effect of iced and snow.  

Here’s our finally creations.   

Hibernation Day was a wonderful day for all of us.  Enjoy running with your little ones creative imaginations with this project. 

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Little Drunk Adults aka. Children

<pI literally was "LOL" all the way through this. 26 reasons kids are really just tiny little drunk adults.    I wonder sometimes with my daughter Emily how she can possible fall so many times in such a short period.  She’s always in some crazy entertaining mood Maybe she secretly chugging my Pepsi’s ;). Hope this make you smile as much as it did me.

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A Few Links on State of the State Day

Well then. This about sums it up.

The Offical Website of the PJSTA

Governor Cuomo, who yesterday said that public education, “Probably has been the single greatest failure in the state,” gives his state of the state address today at 1:30 pm.  I am sure there will be plenty of reaction afterward as Cuomo launches his plan to eviscerate public education.  While we wait for that a few links from the past few days…

  • Shoreham-Wading River Superintendent Steven Cohen writes about Cuomo and Tisch’s plan to remove local control from districts and replace it with “state control.”  Via the Riverhead News-Review…

So, what does “state,” as opposed to “local,” control mean? First, as a result of previous legislative action, namely the 2 percent cap on tax levy increases, democracy is out the window because a minority of residents has more power than the majority when it comes to deciding how much money will be spent in a given district.

Now comes the chancellor’s…

View original post 593 more words

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Common Core = Common Hell

I finally share the feelings of standing up for what’s right with our local teachers.   Two teachers that taught me in school are doing just that.   Common Core = Common Hell.    All the households are sharing common feelings of hell when their children come home exhausted and have to do even more work.  

There’s no fun in public education anymore.   My homeschool goals remain strong.   I want to be the influence in my children’s lives.  Not 8 hours of classroom confined walls.   The world is becoming too out of touch to teach my children anything that they will become.     Everything in the world itself is evolving apart from the educational systems. 

Please share with me…. How do you feel?  Here’s the article from The Register Star on our two local teachers voicing their hearts regarding Common Core. Or there’s always Finland, Ten photos with surprising facts about Finland education system.  It’s a good link 😉

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Our Children Our Choices

We choose in our home not to pay for or have cable tv.   A little weird?  Some may feel that way.   However we have limited tv time, and because of this decision our children are not glued to the tv.   The Xbox, their tablets and iPad are a different story, they can’t get enough of them.    We like to see this So like normal my morning started with looking on my local news channel app on my iPad to see what’s going on.   I came across this first thing this morning   Gloversville mom takes a stand against bullying.    Heartbreaking and disturbing how bullying can cause a 12yr old little woman to take her own life.   My heart goes out to this family and the mother who just weeks after her daughters death is doing something to make a difference in our community.   We too as parents can take a stand.  Listen to your child.   Unfortunely even if we listen and make attemps to help sometimes it’s to late.  

These types of news articles take me one step closer to my homeschooling decisions.   A child every morning not wanting to go to school should not be ignored.   Even if a parent attemps to help their child, the schools are not moving quick enough, and we as parents trust our school systems to help!   Is the norm still to send our children to 8 hours of sancurary requirements, just because that’s what we did?     So what my children will not geting 8 hours of interaction with other children.  Obviously, this type of peer interaction is not what I want for my son and daughter.   

Homeschooling is something our family supports and greatly works towards happening.    Take a look at how invasive our NYS homeschool laws are by seeing viewing Texas Homeschoolings you tube video.  This will compare many states for you giving you a better idea. 

Here’s another Bullying resource to help educate on how to prevent.  

I pray for this Gloverville Mother.  God bless her and her family during this awful time.    

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Making Your own Non-Slip Hair Clip

I want to share with all of you something I enjoy doing a lot.  I learned from a good friend in New Jersey how to make clips.   I used this as a side business for a little while and now it has just become more of a hobby.  Well, when time now allows me to sit and design.   Making your own homemade non-slip hair clips.   The ideas you can come up with for the accents are endless.  Once you get the skill down of making the clip itself the rest is smooth sailing.   

 Below you will find a small list of supplies you will need to start.   I taught myself how to make certain bows and new ideas through You Tube.   

  1. A lighter (a candle doesn’t work for this it leaves a black residue on your ribbon).
  2. 3/8 ribbon.
  3. High temp hot glue gun.
  4. Grippers.
  5. Double sided tape.
  6. Accents (if you want any. Plain lined is nice also).
  7. Scissors.
  8. Double prong alligator clips.
  9. Toenail clippers.

  Any scrapbook in sticker can also be used as a accent.  Simple remove the stickiness from the back with a light dusting of baby powder.    Old clothing can be used as accents to make bows or even fabric flowers.    Let your imagination do the work.     Make sure you always have a cover over the table you are using, the hot glue tends to get messy.   I always choose a high temp hot glue gun because it gives you more time to work with the ribbon before drying.     

In the video below I show you a short clip on how to make your own non-slip clips.   Excuse my non manicured nails 💅 it’s not something I spend a lot of time on 😝.     Have fun and enjoy making them.  See my YouTube video here !!

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Unexpected Visits

Finally a moment to write…… Phew!  Dinner is in the crockpot.  I decided to try Honey Chicken tonight 👍 I’m hoping it’s as good as it smells and looks. 

I would like to share with you a moment that happened to me yesterday (trust me I don’t get a lot of exciting moments).    I’m the oldest of 6 girls.  Yep, there’s 6 of us bitches running around.   3 biological sisters and 2 stepsisters.  I’m 37 years old and the next sister down is 30, 29, 28, 22, & 14.     3 of us have children.  My sister Mackenzie hired me as her childcare provider.  A product of God. 

Mckaylee (my niece) is almost 3.  Every morning our day starts at 5:45 am.  We get our quiet snuggles in on the couch before my two awake.   McKaylee tests everyday ounce of my parenting skills.   But my god I love her to the moon and back, and I love watching her grow.    I choose not to have a car so the kids and I spend a lot of time around the house and outdoors.  We keep busy all day with activities, tatailing, going potty (lord knows we do that about 100 times a day), fighting over one specific toy, playing quietly with each other,  insisting on another snack, catching fliesand much required love.   Needless to say I don’t get much alone time, except after 7pm once Emily & Noah have gone upstairs to bed.   I definitely do not go out and spend money on myself.  

But my wonderful sister Mackenzie

(Mckaylees Mom) started her day off yesterday by thinking of me.     She showed up to my house for a unexpected visit with a huge gift bag and a card, just to say thank you.  Thank you for the early wake ups and thanking me for just being her sister.   She made my heart skip.   Everything she put in this bag was to pamper myself.  Things she knew I wouldn’t normal spend money on.   

The feeling that someone especially a sister is thinking of me and wants to show me how much I’m appreciated is truly a blessing.   I try my hardest everyday to maintain a positive state of mind for our girls.  Somedays I wanna go right back to bed.   Somedays I don’t wanna get up every potty break.  However I’m lucky.   Very lucky for the opportunity to spend with my children and others.   Thank you Mackenzie for making your older sister feel important in your life.   I love you very much as a friend and a sibling.   Never with any judgement you’ve always been there for me.   We all need those reminder sometimes.    Now to my readers, pay it forward.   God bless. 

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A Warm Story For A Cold Day

There are so very few “real men & women”.   That goes for the lover, the friend, the sister, the brother.    To much is built off of lies in relationships.    It’s easier now to carry on a split parenting lifestyle then to be in the home of the exhausted husband and wife who hate the world because they are tired, and who feed lies of emotions to their partners instead of turning to their partner as their outlet, their safe house, their comfort of truth.

I was in a marriage filled with lies.  I didn’t even know who I was anymore, let alone who my husband was.   I was parenting alone and screaming for help……….  Except I didn’t care to scream loud enough to fix it. (My first marriage that is)   35yrs old and pissed off at the world because I was stuck.     Except I wasn’t.   I was a strong independent woman a “real” woman who carried a career for over 15yrs, who is a mother and a go getter.   I needed to take back my life and if that meant doing it alone with children then I was going to do it.  

The guilt……..  Oh boy!  The non-support of friends and family around shocked by sudden changes. However, it wasn’t sudden.  To the people in my life on the outside looking in it seemed sudden, but from the hot seat in the king size bed every night, it wasn’t sudden.   It was a ticking time bomb.   

God would never give us more then we can handle.   Happiness is a choice that we all have.  Eric came into my life exactly the day my marriage fell apart.   A real man.  One that adored and still adores every step I take.  

I turn to my partner/husband now. I still get butterflies in my stomach.   Every word, every story, every being of my character has been given to him in pure honesty.  I miss him when he’s working and I’m taking care of our home.  We want to be everywhere the other person is.  We spent the first entire year of our relationship apart building our transportation company.  Still though we held strong.  Only using the distance between us as motivation to get Eric back home to the kids and I.

It takes a real man to love another man’s children as if they are his own.  Eric has shown me that we live for ourselves nobody else.    Everyday he makes me smile as soon as I awake.  Below is a letter left ontop of the coffee pot two days ago.Im not writing this post to brag or carry on about how in love I am.  I write today to give my readers positive energy.  I want to share with you the smallest things in our lives can make a huge impact on our train of thought.   Just this simple read can give you the good feelings, make you smile, make you wanna do something to show your love to your family.     

I treasure every ounce of Eric, Emily and Noah.  I would never change the journey it took to get to this point.   Eric is an incredible father, husband, best friend, “real man”  any “real woman” can ask for.   

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