Our Children Our Choices

We choose in our home not to pay for or have cable tv.   A little weird?  Some may feel that way.   However we have limited tv time, and because of this decision our children are not glued to the tv.   The Xbox, their tablets and iPad are a different story, they can’t get enough of them.    We like to see this So like normal my morning started with looking on my local news channel app on my iPad to see what’s going on.   I came across this first thing this morning   Gloversville mom takes a stand against bullying.    Heartbreaking and disturbing how bullying can cause a 12yr old little woman to take her own life.   My heart goes out to this family and the mother who just weeks after her daughters death is doing something to make a difference in our community.   We too as parents can take a stand.  Listen to your child.   Unfortunely even if we listen and make attemps to help sometimes it’s to late.  

These types of news articles take me one step closer to my homeschooling decisions.   A child every morning not wanting to go to school should not be ignored.   Even if a parent attemps to help their child, the schools are not moving quick enough, and we as parents trust our school systems to help!   Is the norm still to send our children to 8 hours of sancurary requirements, just because that’s what we did?     So what my children will not geting 8 hours of interaction with other children.  Obviously, this type of peer interaction is not what I want for my son and daughter.   

Homeschooling is something our family supports and greatly works towards happening.    Take a look at how invasive our NYS homeschool laws are by seeing viewing Texas Homeschoolings you tube video.  This will compare many states for you giving you a better idea. 

Here’s another Bullying resource to help educate on how to prevent.  

I pray for this Gloverville Mother.  God bless her and her family during this awful time.    


About Freakouts & Funnies

I am a stay at home mom and childcare provider. My daughter Emily is 3yrs old and my son Noah is 5yrs old. Everyday is a learning experience for me, and for them also. I have the best soon to be husband any woman can ask for in her life. Eric truly is my rock and support system during our journey through life's moments together. We believe in our home that God,Family, love & positive energy are the foundation to a healthy happy home. I started blogging to assist me in making a decision on homeschooling my children. I have yet to try it. But it's something I feel passionately about doing. Just a little goal of mine 😉. I had a career in the automobile industry as a Finance & Inusrance manager for 15 yrs. Having Emily and Noah changed my direction in life. Finally I ended my struggle I had inside of giving up my career and become a stay at home mom. Best decision I ever made 😍. I run a in home childcare operation for work now. Everyday something new happens and seeing children smile makes feel perfect about my decision. I get to watch my children grow also. Join us on our journey of #freakoutsandfunnies.
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3 Responses to Our Children Our Choices

  1. I was homeschooled and loved it. Also turned out fine socially, lol. It’s funny, that’s one of the big problems people bring up with homeschooling. I quickly found, however, that among my friends i was very adept at socializing with people of all age groups, not just my own. It was an interesting phenomenon. I was used to interacting with a whole age range. They were just used to talking with their same-aged peers.

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  2. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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